About us

About us


markets, opinions and motives are our Skills


Report-research.com is an sellers’ and research portal. Over the years it has evolved to become a comprehensive source of market research concerning markets, opinions and motives.
Report-research.com has a network of market research providers and industry and country specialists to help you to find the most suitable market research for your needs.

Be free to inform you about your relevant market in report-research.com in the present bargain of market research and studies of our branches and country specialists.
We aim to support companies, consultants and decision makers in their search for market research, efficiently answering queries and locating the most effective research solution for each individual customer.


Our history

  •  Founded 2002 in Bonn
  • 2002 first cooperation with a well-known German consultancy with 200 market studies
  • Since 2004 based in Cologne, Germany
  • Since 2004 free of charge research and consulting service for more than 500.000 studies worldwide
  • 2006 Foundation of the anglophone portal report-research.com
  • 2007 Foundation of the Spanish version estudio-mercado.es
  • Managing director: Manuel Bravo Sanchez


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  Founder of reports-research.com
  Manuel Bravo Sanchez

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Managing director
  • Involved and commited to market research since 2002


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